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Alex Tracy


My experience in the workplace started at a young age. As soon as I turned 14, I obtained my working papers. My working career began with dishwashing at the Harley Dawn Diner, located relatively close to my house. On certain days when I didn’t have anyone to drive me, I would walk there.

The owners gave me an opportunity as a busser, then within the year I was made a waitress.

During my Junior year of high school, balancing work and studies, I was attempting to figure out my college path.

Most people describe me as ambitious and someone with a strong work ethic. Early on, I originally had the idea of becoming a residential architect. I took different classes introducing me to the art of design and programs that are used for drafting.

I was also always interested in selling, sales in general. Why not sell big ticket items? Let's sell some houses!

I made the decision to look into real estate and even considered getting my business degree. I committed countless hours to self improve and educate myself on all realms of business, such as investing and how to manage one’s money in the best ways possible.

I started taking the courses to get my real estate license in August of 2020. I would have done it sooner, but I was not 18 yet! Turned 18 and faithfully attended the online classes... studied numerous hours for the State of NJ Exam.

With the information taught in the courses, it helped me understand the concepts, logistics, and work ethic to becoming a top caliber Agent. All I needed was my license! Passed the test with flying colors!

Through some personal connections I was able to secure an interview with Joe Wiessner Realty, and not long after, Joe Wiessner hired me. The winning atmosphere and "Can Do" attitude shown to me by Joe and his staff inspired me to work hard to earn the respect of the buying and selling public, as well as other professionals in the business.

Becoming a real estate agent is not a part time job for me, I envision myself building a major career around representing Real Estate Buyers and Sellers.

I am energetic, positive, and ready to hit the ground running. I will do my very best to provide the highest level of Buyer and Seller Representation!

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