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Think Different. Think small.

It’s very important to our company that Agents recognize that we live in an abundant world. At Joe Wiessner Realty we believe that prosperity is everywhere and there is enough opportunity for everyone to achieve his or her goals.

We’ve worked very hard to develop the kind of Real Estate Company where agents feel comfortable and everyone considers themselves as part of an extended family.

At What Age Do the People Who You Associate With Become Unimportant?

Whether or not you want to believe it, who you surround yourself with has a major impact on who you are, how you conduct yourself, and the level of success that can be achieved. Within the walls of Joe Wiessner Realty, our belief is that we do, indeed, live in an abundant world. We help coach agents to remove the barriers that may be holding them back and to see that opportunity is everywhere.

Our company culture welcomes people with an entrepreneurial mindset, high energy, and a strong will to succeed. There is a tremendous value to playing on a winning team and having the opportunity to associate with like-minded people.

Why You Should Consider Joe Wiessner Realty Over the Franchise Company...

It's simple, the truth of the matter is that many Agents are disenfranchised with giant corporate structures and the bureaucracy "red tape" associated with the largess of these firms. You know the feeling when walking in... it feels cold, the interactions with your colleagues seems superficial, then there's the sales "superstar" - ego proceeding them. Maybe the sales diva is on "your" team... but this is your teammate, — are they there to help you? Or there to keep you in your place, protecting "their turf". The office manager barely knows your name, nor do they know anything your family, nor do they bother to ask about them.

It shouldn't be, but often times this is how the corporate franchise operates. Joe Wiessner Realty's company culture is grounded in being the antithesis of elitism. The company was founded to be an attractive alternative to the establishment mentality. At Joe Wiessner Realty, we take great pride in being the "Independent"... and relish going toe to toe every day with the stodgy franchises and their cold company cultures. 

Here's 10 Reasons Why a Smaller Independent Company is Better...

Feels Like Family. Joe Wiessner Realty is one giant extended family! It's a group of highly motivated, like-minded people who believe in living life to its fullest with the understanding that at the core are the relationships with one another — this is the intangible that matters most. We are results oriented, but what's different is there's plenty of laughter — just plain positive energy. It a culture created on purpose. It's a culture of success.

There's no pretense here at Joe Wiessner Realty:

No Boundaries. Except those we put on ourselves. We don’t have to ask permission. In fact, we are autonomous - we trust our Agents take ownership of their work and responsibilities. And that, in turn, means that our Agents have more choices in terms of how and where their brand makes an impact. The prevailing philosophy at Joe Wiessner Realty is that there are no territorial restrictions. Agents are free to compete with their preferred method(s) of lead generation in the geographical area or niche of their choice.

Agent Branding. It is an absolute belief of ours that to the customer, the Agent brand is as important as the Company brand. The thing that the corporate companies attempt to do is indoctrinate Agents with the fallacy that the Company brand is the driver of the Agent's sales. This philosophy is categorically false. It has been proven time and time again, the customer follows the Agent who created the valued relationship.

We believe that Agents should be their own strong — easily identifiable brand. If you are a creative person, you might find at your current company, your marketing material may be limited to only what reflects the "big box" brand. Joe Wiessner is an expert brander, he will share what works for individual Agents.  

Independent Contractors. We take the concept of independence very seriously. We firmly believe that Agents are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. We do not hover over Agents...  Company mandatory meetings are few and far between. We believe in self reliance. The right Agents do not need constant prodding or a forced structure with "incessant meetings"... we talk one on one with our Agents vs the contrived "group think" of the franchises.

We do train our Agents, but its "hands on" training. It's more like, this is how we prep for a listing appointment, come with me to the listing appointment. This is the very best training. We are "hands on" with all the key sales elements, (lead generation, presentation, follow-up, and close). Nobody trains better!

Speed. Real Estate is an always changing industry, independent Brokers will be able to make fast changes as the market dictates. However, with a franchise, changes need to be made at the corporate level, which means changes take much longer to make. Control, autonomy, and speed are the biggest differences when it comes to the independent real estate brokerage vs franchise comparison. The real estate market changes quickly, as an independent agency, we can "change on the fly", making fast decisions that are Agent advantageous, versus having them made for us. Equally important... we have the courage to quickly implement the best and brightest ideas.

Culture of Success. All successful individuals love to produce. Our responsibility to all Associates (Agents and Staff) at Joe Wiessner Realty is to help maximize everyone to their full potential. While many real estate firms are either lacking in substance or based on “business-as-usual” methodologies of the past, Joe Wiessner Realty empowers agents to create system structures that enable predictable results. We coach agents to get away from the “chase the deal" mentality and help them to “attract” clients.

When a customer raises theirs hand (we're in the market to by a house) and this opportunity was created by proactive Agent marketing (lead generation), the real estate game changes drastically. By becoming magnets of success, agents are less reactive and have more control over their business. At Joe Wiessner Realty, it’s not about teaching you how to sell one more house. It’s about helping you to build and grow a business that sells many houses.

One on One Relationships with Our Company CC's  The Brokers at Joe Wiessner Realty are great, there's no question, but the backbone of the Company are the CC's (Communications Coordinators). The CC's are the Swiss Army Knives of Real Estate. They are all stars when it comes to system operation, deal process, best marketing techniques, objection busting, lead conversion, and lead closing. Spend a day with these unbelievable professionals, you'll learn "hands on" how to do this business the right way!

Transaction Coordinators. We believe that much of the Agents time should be meeting face to face with customers. To lessen the paperwork, numerous calls, and emails in preparation for closing our Transaction Coordinators (TC's) become trusted business partners with our Agents. Our TC's "thread the needle" handing the blizzard of issues in the pre-closing pressure cooker, getting all closing issues solved in 30 days or less! These include handling title issues, deed ordering, vendor coordination for repairs, mortgage commitments, clearing property conditions, and clearing compliance regulations... (all the things that you don't want to do!) By removing these daily "time killers" off the Agents plate, the Agents are able to be out in the field creating more sales. Win — Win!

No Franchise Fee. Most franchise companies charge a franchise fee on the gross commission earned. There's no franchise fees at Joe Wiessner Realty.

Cutting Edge Marketing. Ask your Broker or Office manager how to generate leads with Facebook and Google. Better yet, ask them how to build a brand! If they can not advise you how to do it, you owe to yourself to be with a Company that is the innovator in lead generation through Social Media and Pay Per Click (PPC) - electronic marketing and branding. Joe Wiessner Realty has the expertise gained from experience (we have already built these structures, and continue to build them). This type of specialized knowledge is not easily found. We coach the "how to" of Agent branding and social media marketing everyday.

If you’re looking to move your career to a company committed to a culture of excellence and one that positions agents to succeed, call us today. We would love to discuss how smaller is stronger for you. Joe Wiessner Realty will assist you to success, helping you maximize your returns in the real estate business. With an ideal office environment, innovative marketing know how, best of the best support, and the freedom to act independently, we will help you generate more business and enable a higher level of real estate service. Get started today to set up your confidential career consultation.

I took the road less traveled and it has made all the difference. Robert Frost