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The content in this blog comes directly from the Owner/Broker of Joe Wiessner Realty. There are certain reoccurring constants in real estate deals that often times need reassurance and clarification from an experts point of view. Joe Wiessner has seen just about every real estate situation and has successfully guided thousands of clients and is always leading his Agents by example.

Joe Wiessner is able to see real estate trends before they go mainstream. This edge is your edge. It's natural to Joe to want to be on the cutting edge of break through advances in all aspects of real estate. He loves technology, especially implementing the latest and greatest marketing tools which lead to better - more efficient processes.

He also keeps up to speed on the constant policy changes that directly impact his Buyers and Sellers. Joe is immersed in the day to day business and is well respected as an industry leader. Always a self-starter, he is largely self-educated and well read. Collectively, Joe has assembled a vast knowledge base that will undoubtedly help many other Buyers and Sellers enabling better and faster results. 

From time to time there is an important local issues that will likely have relevance to decisions on where to live. Joe Wiessner will also comment on these. Feel free to comment of contact us directly.

A student of the game of real estate, "If your not reinventing your business every two years, you're a dinosaur, that's how fast things change in real estate." - Joe Wiessner


April 27, 2022

Real Estate Leads for Agents

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Let me ask you a question,

Do you know the difference between a real estate agent who crushes big goals year after year and agents who struggle and can’t seem to get ahead?

Or worse yet, just gives up and quits?

What is up my friends, Joe Wiessner here.

In my opinion there are four specific skill sets that the very high real estate achievers have in order to attain any goal. And at the end of this video I have a special offer for agents, rookie and veterans alike, to create the momentum your looking for.

Taking action on the right thing at the right time is the ability to recognize opportunity. I trust that you are looking for something greater in your life, more fulfillment. and the difference between a top-producer and someone who fails to hit their goals is not that much, the difference in winning consistently is that the overachiever is a sponge and does everything they can possibly do to become successful, including the little things each day, 

Most agents want to succeed in real estate, but don’t know how to succeed.

Successful Agents have similar traits in varying combinations:

In my opinion the 4 most important they are:

1. Self-Starters - Top Producers get up early and work late. Massive action and massive energy go hand in hand. Highly motivated people understand their success is dependent on them - All they need is some guidance. Top agents are always seeking and striving, - looking to grow. The most agents disciplined understand sacrifice - and the trick is - you get to pick your sacrifice, - you don’t get not to choose! Think about that for a moment!

2. Likable – I would suggest that all salespeople in all industries read the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. The principles written way-back in the 1936 ring loud and true today. If you’re not as personable as you know you could be, you can work on that and develop better skills. The very elite agents are humble, they care are their communities, and fundamentally believe that we live in a friendly universe.

3. Business Minded – the entrepreneurial mindset wins in real estate. The ability to shift on the fly, change course, and land on your feet are intrinsically valuable. The very best agents are assertive but not pushy. They are sharp and play all out - all the time. By nature, entrepreneurs are risk takers, real estate is a perfect business that way because there is no safety net or buffer between you and the marketplace, you get to test your business skills in the purest free market there is! adrenaline anyone! 

4. Lead Generation – It’s really simple in sales, especially real estate sales, if agents make lead generation a priority they last, those that don’t…won’t. If you’re a part timer then this may have limited utility, however if you are a full timer and do not want to be a real casualty, then lead generation is something that needs to be done every working day. You know the statistics, if agents have no lead generation strategy, 87% are out of the business… gone within 3 years. 

I don’t want that to happen to you. 

So here’s how I can help. 



My company knows how to generate leads from all types of real estate lead sources. So much so that we’ve built a lead generation system that to date has generated 36,000 real estate leads… and what I need are agents to call these leads, work the leads, and follow-up with the leads.These are not cold leads, these buyers and sellers have already raised their hand and contacted our company. These leads contacted us first, they were self-motivated. 



I need competent and conscientious agents to cultivate and nurture and ultimately assist these customers to buy or sell real estate. The company has worked very hard to develop these relationships, all you need to do is pick up the ball and run with it.

If you have a burning desire to succeed and want to work the system that has created these leads and would like to learn from someone who has had a tremendous amount of success in real estate, sign up below for your confidential interview.

Avoid the trap of over-thinking, reach out today to the top lead generating independent company in South Jersey, Joe Wiessner Realty™. 

Were looking for agents all over South Jersey, your physical location is less important because our remote technology is so good. Even if you think your too far away, this is likely not true, our communication systems are truly the best and you will be able to connect with leads wherever you may be located.

Thousands of our database Buyers and Sellers are looking to be helped as we continue to generate new lead opportunities every day! I’ll tell you right now there’s tremendous rewards in real estate waiting for you, IF YOU’RE WILLING TO WORK!

So click the button below to register, and my friend see you soon, take care. And remember to… Think Different!

Getting Started Today

So, if you’re thinking of starting your Real Estate career, take the first step to success. Get started today for you’re a private consultation, you’ll meet with one of the premier independent Real Estate Broker’s in the New Jersey. It may just be the best move you ever make!


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April 25, 2022

Appraisal Gap Guarantee Clause


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Home Buyers, how can you get your home offer to stand out to the Seller and Sellers Agent? The key to increasing your odds of winning the bid, is to get into the consideration set to begin with.

If you’re bidding on an "A" property, An “A” Property, is a home that’s in near perfect condition, Buyers must anticipate that there will be competition. Multiple Buyers on “A” properties are still a reality in this current real estate market.

If you have the means to do it, (sideline cash) - sideline extra cash makes the GAP APPRAISAL CLAUSE an option for buyers to enhance the positioning in a multiple offer situation.

Most Seller’s are aware that month by month the market has pushed higher and most Sellers are concerned about the possibility of their property, in a financed deal, not appraising.

If the property falls short on appraised value this opens up the possibility that a deal could be canceled by the buyer because of the material change to the contract price.

Sellers love it when Buyers send offers with a GAP APPRAISAL CLAUSE attached. This limits the Sellers impact within a specific dollar amount range, where the buyer is contractually compelled to carry on with the deal within a specified range if the appraisal comes in under.

GAP APPRAISAL threshold ranges depend often on price point, it is very common to see in this market.

Read this excerpt here below that gives the exact language Joe Wiessner Realty™ uses in Appraisal Gap Guarantee negotiations:

Appraisal Gap Guarantee Clause

In the event the appraised value comes in below Purchase Price of ($300,000), then Buyer agrees to pay up to $10,000.00 over appraised value not to exceed purchase price. Any such cash differential shall be applied to Buyers` Balance of Purchase Price, (Paragraph 2 Line 48) of the Agreement of Sale.

The Buyer agrees that if this Gap Guarantee Clause is prompted, the Buyer will have Sufficient Assets as defined in (Paragraph 4, Lines 93-95) of the Agreement of Sale.

If the value established by the appraisal is less than $290,000 ($300,000 - $10,000), the parties may agree that  the Buyer(s) may bring additional monies in order to pay for the difference, or the parties may agree to reduce the purchase price, or a combination of both. If the parties are unable to agree, then either party may terminate the contract. If the contract is terminated pursuant to this clause, all deposit monies paid by the Buyer(s) shall be returned to Buyer(s).

Bid It, to Win it!

Joe Wiessner


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April 11, 2022

21 Broadway Hammonton NJ 08037

21 Broadway Hammonton NJ 08037

Another Great Hammonton Listing

From Joe Wiessner Realty™

The Key to Success is a great Hammonton Home. Unlock your families potential with this huge home on Broadway.

How big is big? Almost 3,000 square feet BIG! There's likely more living space than that (enclosed porch and auxiliary rooms). 

There's no shortage of bedrooms. A total of 5 bedrooms upstairs, plus a room that was used as a bedroom (formerly another large public space) on the first floor. The first floor accommodation has a full roll-in shower with side-saddle bathroom.

3 Full baths in total.

Enormous kitchen and dining room combination. Large "U" shaped kitchen perimeter with volume's of counter and cabinet space. The Center Island is always a great gathering spot. The attached dining area is another very large space that can easily seat 8, if not 10.

The site line continues into the formal dining room, yes, another very large space (easy seating for at least 8 more). Can you image this home around the holidays? The energy when everyone gathers and has a seat at the table... with plenty of elbow room to spare!

The family room is what I would call, " They don't build them like that anymore!" Outstanding focal points. Lovely wood floors (these also extend into the dining room), wood burning fireplace, classic staircase to the farthest distant wall, and dramatic high ceilings, all these elements set the stage for elegant living.

Plenty of morning sunshine in the enclosed front porch - can you see your four legged friends soaking up the rays there?

This home was not only built to last, but was built with stylish dormers (front and back), and a classic Cape Cod tapered roof line. 

Many windows are replacements, there is new carpet in several of the extra large bedrooms, as well as new carpet at the main stairs. Fine mill work (era correct) permeates through-out. The paint motif is clean white. 

The partial basement houses the hot water natural gas boiler, a workshop with work bench, and a bonus room.

The grounds are classic Americana/Hammonton. Lovely foundation plantings and a wide variety of mature cedars, pines, and Norway Spruces. The rear yard tool shed is just like the house "oversized," and is being sold as is.

The location of 21 Broadway is optimal, especially for the kids - the Hammonton Lake Park is only 2 blocks away, a very easy walk. 

Be the first to Know, call now before this property hits the broader market.

Find the Key to Your Heart! It's waiting for you, its right here down Broadway.

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March 17, 2022

FSBO Script from Joe Wiessner Realty


The Opener

“Hey! This is Sarah Flood from JWR…

“I’m calling about the home you have on 123 Main Street” pause

“Tell me about it.”



“Yeah, I found on Zillow… Are you marketing anywhere else?” pause

“Are you on the MLS?”


First Transition 

“I gotcha. Hey – I want to help you sell this for free… I’m not going to charge you anything… I want to help you do that.” pause

“I just want to tell you a couple of things… You need to be on the MLS!” pause

“There’s a company that will let you put it on the MLS.”


The Rejection

SARAH… Why would you help us for free?


Second Transition

“Why wouldn’t I want you to sell it?” pause

“I know, but if I help you sell it, maybe you will buy something from me or you will tell somebody else about me.” pause

“I’m more into it for the relationship long-term… I’m looking to help people.”

“What was your name again (Ma’am/Sir)?


The Opportunity

“I’ll text you my information and maybe I can call you tomorrow?”


Trust Builder

“I’m not going to list it for free… I’m helping you to get it into the MLS for free.”


“I have a guy that I can set you up with that can take pro pictures.” pause

“Do you know how to put it on the MLS?”

“What is your email address?”


Relationship Created

“”I’m going to stay in touch with you OK?”

“My name is Sarah Flood…”

“Great chatting with you!”


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Nov. 9, 2021

AC Mike and Joe Wiessner on WOND Radio

Live on WOND 1400 AM Linwood NJ 

AC Mike, Mike Lopez interviews Joe Wiessner 

Radio personality Mike Lopez interviews real estate guru Joe Wiessner of Joe Wiessner Realty.

The host asked Joe Wiessner a wide variety of real estate questions covering all eight counties of southern New Jersey including the Ocean City real estate market, Atlantic City, Hammonton, and Voorhees NJ.

WOND - Wikipedia

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Nov. 1, 2021

Agent Traditional Branding

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Build Your REALTOR Brand...

Joe Wiessner Realty can help.

Winslow Twp Office, 45 NJ-73 Berin NJ 08009

Agents that become household names - brand names typically dominate the local real estate scene.

Here at Joe Wiessner Realty, we take Agent branding very seriously and help to guide our Agents to make marketing choices that fit their goals and budget.

A simple way to do this is by traditional yard signs.

Check out these most recent examples:

Build Your Brand with Joe Wiessner Realty.

Real Estate Careers

Use the Contact Form below to set up you confidential consultation.

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Oct. 27, 2021

Salon Beverle Hammonton Hair Hotspot

Salon Beverle

240 S. White Horse Pike, Hammonton NJ 08037

Salon Beverle in Hammonton is one of Joe Wiessner favorite places.

Jennifer Ellen has been doing my hair for over 20 years! When you find something good you stick with it!

— Joe Wiessner

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Oct. 24, 2021

Dunken's Place Hammonton NJ

Dunken's Place Fixed my iPhone 11 in 30 Minutes!

Dunken, owner of Dunken's Place located a 5 N. Egg harbor Road in Hammonton NJ fixed my iPhone 11 screen in less than 30 minutes!

I just walked in, "Can you fix it? No problem!"

Half hour later good to go! 

Check out Dunken's work below. The iPhone looks great and now takes perfect video!

Dunkens Place iPhone Fix in 30 Minutes!

Check Dunken on the web at

— Joe Wiessner





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Oct. 14, 2021

Courier Post Housing Interview with Joe Wiessner

Courier Post - Real Estate Broker Joe Wiessner explains NJ housing market boom and the high demand for re-sale real estate

Joe Wiessner, owner of Joe Wiessner Realty, discusses the housing market boom and the high demand for re-sale real estate in South Jersey.

Adam Monacelli, Cherry Hill Courier-Post
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Oct. 13, 2021

55 N. Packard Street Hammonton NJ 08037

55 N. Packard Street Hammonton NJ 08037

Another Great Hammonton Listing

From Joe Wiessner Realty™

Packard and Pleasant.

Cick here to get more info: 55 N. Packard Street Hammonton NJ 08037

Great Hammonton Location! This terrific home is on the corner of N. Packard Street and E. Pleasant Street. This has always been one of my favorite neighborhoods in Hammonton... and can be your favorite too!

This home is listed in the tax records as being 1,660 square feet, but it feels bigger than that.

The public rooms are large (big dining, family, and living room). The living room and dining room have gorgeous hardwood floors plus plenty of windows (good sunlight all day long - sunrise to sunset)

The kitchen is the hub of the house - all the rooms revolve around it. The space can accommodate a good sized table and chairs.

Three bedrooms. The master has its own half bath. All have hardwood floors.

Full basement - partially finished, the unfinished portion provides tons of storage. The basement has a professional drain system, and the washer and dryer is located there.

A great feature is the hot water baseboard heat - this type of heating is regarded as the finest.

Enormous walkup attic.

Public water and sewer, natural gas, and the home is powered by a 200 AMP electrical service. 

What was curious to me when listing this home was how little traffic car there was (almost no cars) but instead, more people walking and even more walking their dogs! 

Find out why Hammonton residents love Packard and Pleasant.

Be the first to know, call before this property hits the broader market.

Contact Us Now!

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