Mission Statement

The mission for Joe Wiessner Realty is to create a “First Class” culture of excellence in the endeavor of South Jersey residential real estate sales. Our Company is an assemblage of committed, successful professionals whose high standards of practice assure meaningful, enduring business relationships with our customers, clients, and other respectful agents. We are local residential specialists. We will have a laser-like focus in each South Jersey community we serve, raising the standards in each area. We pride ourselves in being known as the company who is “fast and friendly”. We are fully aware of our opportunity to assist in not only shaping communities, but also, in shaping the lives of those who connect with us. 

Our Values

In our business, we strive to create long-term relationships. As we guide our customers through the complex real estate process, we intentionally create a high level of trust by doing the right thing. Under promise and over deliver is how we do it here. We treat people with openness, consideration, and commitment.


We consider ourselves a team, willing to cooperate and challenge each other to become better in all areas. We demonstrate teamwork in our special programs, including consulting and coaching, advanced marketing strategies and high tech systems, so we can improve not only our marketing and sales skills but also our life skills.

We anticipate the changes in real estate by being aware that education will be our best ally in a complex marketplace. Along the way the term “THINK DIFFERENT” will be synonymous with us. In discovering a level of high performance, we will enjoy the journey, pro all the time, but having fun along the way. Our chief goal is to help exceptional people fully develop into creative, focused entrepreneurs who embrace our company culture resulting in measurable increases in Agent sales effectiveness, productivity, and ultimately profitability.

Standards of Customer Service

Our goal is to create an exceptional level of success by service, based not on our profits, but clearly focused FIRST on satisfying our customer’s needs. We want our customers so delighted with our service that they will refer others to us with confidence enabling long-term business relationships. If the service is good the profit will take care of itself.

The Finished Product

The finished product of Joe Wiessner Realty will be recognized as the most advanced, privately owned-independent company in the region, whose business associates, will be regarded as the finest team ever assembled for transacting real estate. The entire organization will strive to create inspired change challenging real estate culture of old. Our greatest achievement may live in our ability to change real estate from a “selling business” to a “marketing” business.

The company will always assist in promoting higher standards within the communities touched. With equal importance we will attract, keep, and elevate exceptional people within the structure of our organization. It will be the place everyone else talks about with respect and admiration. Our team will be the most professional, consumer friendly, and innovative, providing a level of service generally devoid prior to us entering into the marketplace. Our goal is to create public mind share that our company had exceeded the customers expectations and to have the professionals within our company feel that they were truly part of something innovative, different, and “First Class”   

                                                                                                           Joe Wiessner/Owner/Broker/Founder