The Opener

“Hey! This is Sarah Flood from JWR…

“I’m calling about the home you have on 123 Main Street” pause

“Tell me about it.”



“Yeah, I found on Zillow… Are you marketing anywhere else?” pause

“Are you on the MLS?”


First Transition 

“I gotcha. Hey – I want to help you sell this for free… I’m not going to charge you anything… I want to help you do that.” pause

“I just want to tell you a couple of things… You need to be on the MLS!” pause

“There’s a company that will let you put it on the MLS.”


The Rejection

SARAH… Why would you help us for free?


Second Transition

“Why wouldn’t I want you to sell it?” pause

“I know, but if I help you sell it, maybe you will buy something from me or you will tell somebody else about me.” pause

“I’m more into it for the relationship long-term… I’m looking to help people.”

“What was your name again (Ma’am/Sir)?


The Opportunity

“I’ll text you my information and maybe I can call you tomorrow?”


Trust Builder

“I’m not going to list it for free… I’m helping you to get it into the MLS for free.”


“I have a guy that I can set you up with that can take pro pictures.” pause

“Do you know how to put it on the MLS?”

“What is your email address?”


Relationship Created

“”I’m going to stay in touch with you OK?”

“My name is Sarah Flood…”

“Great chatting with you!”