Magnificent Mullica Township

It’s a peaceful easy feeling. Epic natural beauty everywhere. Take an exhilarating drive deep into the pines. Let the winding roads and the gorgeous Mullica scenery take control. Waterfront Mullica Township NJMullica Township is unmistakably beautiful. The area is blessed with natures bounty (an outdoors-man's paradise). At the heart is the Mighty Mullica River — rich in wildlife and history, its renowned as a boaters paradise. Some great real estate in Mullica Twp, mostly casual living, but more buttoned up by the water. Hear the whispering pines, feel the warmth of the sun, tangle with the Jersey Devil, get your balance back — make Mullica Township home... its truly one of South Jersey's finest communities.

Mullica Life

Things quiet down in Mullica Township. The natural setting, the pine breezes, and red tail hawks flying over tends to relax the mind. My experience with the Mullica Municipal Government has been very good. Lower property taxes as compared with adjacent areas, are always welcoming. Purchasing power increases here, you can get a lot of home on larger than average parcels. Plenty of agriculture, small business operators, and a wide diversity of housing. Tall pines dominate the skyline, while blueberries dominate the low-lands. High end waterfront homes are commonplace, especially is the Sweetwater zone.

Scenic Pleasant Mills Road and Nesco Roads are favorite routes, especially with motorcycle enthusiasts. Paper Mill Mulllica TwpNesco Road is NJ Route 542 — connects Hammonton to Bass River Township, and is always a ride worth taking, its just gorgeous! Plenty of ATV trails are well traveled by riders, hikers, and hunter alike. The trails are part of the protected pine forest. The Sweetwater Marina "Casino" is back and better than ever. Located directly on the Mullica River, major renovations have been completed. Plenty of boats slips, plenty of music, and good food — dock and dine!

The Mullica River

Truly a South Jersey treasure! Just follow the current and you'll be fine! The Mullica River is considered one of the most pristine estuaries in the Northeast. From Sweetwater, its approximately 20 miles by boat to Atlantic City. The Mullica River creates a natural border between Atlantic and Burlington Counties. Boating, canoeing, and kayaking are a way of life here. Sweetwater Waterfront homesBeing on the water is the best way to experience the tall cedars, the wetland banks, and marshy shoreline featuring native plants (lilies and pickerel) and a wide variety of animal life — always time well spent. The estuary supports a diversity of fish species, including striped bass, flounder and bunker. It contains nesting habitat for ospreys and bald eagles, and is an important nursery area for the region’s blue crab and hard shell clam fisheries. Sparsely people populated and consistently beautiful, the gentle flow of fresh, to brackish, to salt water — ultimately emptying to the sea, the Mullica River is the very soul of Mullica Township. 

The Jersey Devil

Legend has it that Mullica Township is where the famous Jersey Devil resides. For over three hundred years, the story of the Jersey Devil has been told again and again. While driving, camping, hunting, or hiking (especially at night), ifJersey Devil you see a hideous creature with horns at the top of its head and talon-like claws, leathery bat-like wings spread from its back, and coarse hair and unseemly feathers, you may have encountered the Jersey Devil. Glowing bright red eyes in the darkness is a tell tale sign that the Jersey Devil is lurking. Beware of this savage beast — it has no conscience and is merciless.

Big Land – Small Population

With a relatively small number of residents, its been said there’s more deer than people residing in Mullica Township! Wharton State ForestLast count there are 6,122 residents dispersed over 56 square miles! That's a lot of land! Surprisingly comprised of many small unincorporated communities, namely Elwood, Sweetwater, Dacosta, Devonshire, Nesco, and Weekstown. The rural sub-communities elicit a high level of local pride with many Mullica Township residents often referring to their local affiliation first, before calling themselves residents of the Township.

Education Naturally

Students in Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade for public school attend the Mullica Township Schools. Schools in the district are the Mullica Township Elementary with grades Pre-K – 4 and the Mullica Township Middle School with students grades 5 – 8.Cedar Creek High School

Cedar Creek High School opened its doors in 2010. With all the amenities, Cedar Creek serves grades 9-12 public high school located in the northern section of Egg Harbor City operating as part of the Greater Egg Harbor School District.  Cedar Creek High School allows student admissions  from Egg Harbor City, Mullica Township, Port Republic, and Washington Township (Burlington County). Students in portions of Galloway Township and Hamilton Township can also attend Cedar Creek through the school choice program.

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Historic Batsto Village, a nationally recognized historic site located in Wharton State Park — just outside of Mullica Township New Jersey. The Village has changed and survived during several different periods of American history. Archeological investigations have also discovered Native American Indian evidence dating back thousands of years in the Batsto area.

The Batsto Iron Works was founded along the Batsto River in 1766. Batsto had the natural resources necessary for making iron. Batsto MansionThe river banks were rich in bog ore, the thick forest provided the wood that became the charcoal for fuel, and water became the power for manufacturing. The Iron Works produced household items such as cooking pots and kettles. During the Revolutionary War years, Batsto manufactured munitions, including cannon balls, for the Continental Army.

Batso was purchased by Joseph Wharton in 1876. Wharton continued to purchase property in the area surrounding Batsto. He is the namesake for the largest protected park in the State of New Jersey. The State of New Jersey purchased the Wharton properties in the mid 1950’s. Today Batsto Village is a New Jersey Historic site and is listed on the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places. Visitors to Batsto Village get to see first hand, the struggles of agrarian life. The village streets have been recreated with the look and feel of yesteryear.

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