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Joe Wiessner Realty and Real Estate Entrepreneurs— together we succeed and win.


Our real estate platform gives our agents the edge. Armed with cutting edge lead generation methods, we will impact your market and your bottom line.

Thousands of Sold Properties

Our Mission

JWR makes real estate more rewarding by providing our agents with expert knowledge, game changing tools, and a winning atmosphere to thrive in today's market. We celebrate the self starters, the multi-taskers, and Type A personalities who can skillfully maneuver through complicated real estate transactions. We stand tall in the real estate arena with our clients, giving them the edge, while artfully providing unwavering best representation every step of the way.

Real Estate Excellence

Our Values

01   Autonomy - Freedom and Trust

The right people do not need to be tightly managed. It all starts with disciplined people. We avoid analysis paralysis and stodgy mandatory meetings. The right people instinctively do the right thing.

02   We Work as a Team

We're still a tight knit group. Every week brings new challenges, and every week we work together to meet them. (We are pro, but we also have plenty of fun!) There's a lot of frenetic energy, and a lot of laughter.

03   Good Representation Doesn't Come Easy

Good representation means completing hundreds of details to obtain a good outcome for our client — a seamless closing. From best negotiating practices, to the overall client experience, Joe Wiessner Realty strives to see down the chess board of real estate. identifying bottlenecks, and solving issues before they arise.

04   Tech Edge

From social media expertise (Facebook and Google PPC) to remote access, to excellent document management workflows, text by computer, and email templates to suit every real need, we have you covered. 

05   We Want Joe Wiessner Realty to be Around Forever

We're working to build something meaningful and lasting. We approach real estate with a never-ending curiosity. Here's a little secret — the business changes every 18 months, change with it or be swept away. We embrace change. The path to world class is never ending.

06   Simplify


Teamwork in real estate

Our Culture

We are looking for agents that like to be happy, inspired, and who can roll up their sleeves and tackle the work at hand. We play fair, but we play to win — for both our clients and for ourselves. We work hard and play hard, and above all else, we get real estate stuff done.

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Open Real Estate Positions


We’re looking for agents, experienced and rookies, to join the team who are as excited as we are to help build the top independent real estate company in South Jersey.