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Real Estate Assistants for Agents

Press 1... Wuuuut?

Early on, in 2002, Joe Wiessner made a fateful decision about the design of the company. How would it function and interact with buyer and seller contacts, how were the Company Agents and their customers to be handled? What was the role of the Company with its Agents and their vendors? It became clear from the outset that it would not be business as usual! Joe always disliked the often cold corporate mechanized phone routing systems. For those companies that did have a real person answering the phone, they were often lack-luster, not trained well, and were not knowledgeable about much other than to push the call to somewhere else, (passing the buck... the dreaded answer — non-answer!) 

Why do so many companies leave their first contact impression to a mind-numbing machine or maybe worse yet, an indifferent — can't help the situation much, average at best receptionist? So many companies operate this way. Placating customers would not be the culture at Joe Wiessner Realty... it was time to professionalize the key contact points with key people, well-trained and dynamic — making the consumer experience and Agent experience better, something value added. Introducing the real estate Communication Coordinator (CC) and Transaction Coordinator (TC). 

First Impressions

What if the Company Culture elevated the front office to trusted key personnel, on par with our top producing Agents?? What if they knew how to operate every company system. What if they were empowered to make snap decisions on which direction to take qualified buyers and sellers? To Joe Wiessner, the first contact is the most critical contact. It did not seem sensible to leave this to chance to novice operators or yikes!... a machine!

First Impressions

At the controls of JWR are world-class pro's, highly proficient to handle every type of lead — regardless whether it's a call, an incoming electronic text or email, or if its walk-in clientele. Our CC's have mastered outstanding customer service, they are unrivaled in their grasp of real estate situations and have been empowered to make deal saving decisions that help to push forward leads that would otherwise "die on the vine." The CC's know what to do next and do it with pride, poise, commitment, and yes... a relaxed ease along with some humor! They maximize every interaction, getting as much mileage as possible from every call and contact.

But I Can't Afford an Assistant

You can at Joe Wiessner Realty! We have set up a structure beneficial to all interested parties, (the Company, The Agent, the CC's and TC's). The Coordinators are paid their salary by the Company, but the Agents have a skin in the game by paying a small fraction of their commission on closed sales to the Coordinators. It's a true team environment with character people, all being compensated on the basis of merit, all working together to accomplish the most transactions possible.

The CC's will not do everything a personal assistant to an Agent will do, however they do a lot, and at a fraction of the cost. The way Agents use the CC's is variable, some will want to use their expertise and skill to qualify and follow-up with customers that were generated by the Agent, some will not, it's up to Agent to determine the extent of the CC's involvement. Even with casual involvement, all Agents will find our CC's valuable real estate resources.

Kick Open the Doors of Time Management

The fact is that the average real estate agent today is working at 110% to 130% of capacity... and the jobs and responsibilities just keep piling up. Everyone has stacks of reading material they still have to go through. One study concluded recently that the average agent has 300-400 hours of reading and projects backlogged at home and at the office. What this means is that you will never be caught up. Unless of course you get help! 

You can put your life and career into an upward trajectory by making the decision, today, that you are going to become one of the best time managers in your field. Time is your most precious resource. At Joe Wiessner Realty, we have the talent already in place where some of the most mundane, slowing your business down, never going to get done tasks, — these can be delegated out! Our veteran CC's and TC's have been involved with thousands of transactions and thousands of customers! Try finding that type of experience and success record in real estate on your own!

You Have Two Choices

In every part of your life, you have a choice of either doing it yourself or delegating it to others. At Joe Wiessner Realty we pioneered long ago the importance of leveraging time by delegating the daily repetitious tasks required to move a customer from lead to closed transaction. These all-important system operations in various capacities, are delegated to the Coordinators. The end result is there's an "all pro" support structure in place for Agents who would otherwise not have the know-how or knowledge, especially in the beginning of their careers, on what to do or how to do it.

Everyone is Important 

Recognize that every person in the company is essential to the smooth functioning of the organization. Take some time regularly to think about your current situation. Are the people around you helping towards your goals or are they hurting? Are they action and result oriented, or is there wasted time, ineffectiveness, or worse — gossiping and undermining? The people in your current situation, are they there to help you, or are they doing personal business on company time? The right support staff has the critical skills, knowledge, and dedication that are accountable and important to many other people in the company, especially our Agents.

Communication Coordinators (the CC's)

We have found the absolute best in the business CC's. These highly trained communicators and organizers are the vital link between the Customer, the Company, and The Agent. They approach every customer contact with the enthusiasm that you would, but don’t have the time to do it. The CC’s are not rushed, they are expert customer qualifiers and expert customer closers. They can block out distractions and listen intently to the conversation that is occurring and know what decisive action to take next to advance the conversation. Being a good listener creates a sense of customer comfort and familiarity, which quickly builds customer rapport, which in turn leads to more closings.

Your real estate team

The CC’s will save you an enormous amount of time in the completion of these tasks:

  • The CC's will share the very best practices for lead follow-up, database management, and document flow.

  • Will quick respond to convert inbound buyer and seller leads to qualified appointments for our Agents.

  • Will conduct lead follow-up by continually nurturing leads until appointments are set.

  • Assists with Agent documents and folder compliance pre-contract.

  • Provides effective gap communications between Agents, customers, and vendors.

  • The CC's have a command of all office programs, computer technology, and navigating the Internet.

  • They understand the metrics of lead generation and conversion. 

  • They know what are good and poor lead conversion to closing ratios, they will advise the Agent when they are performing well and when they need to be coached up.

  • The CC's are experts at Facebook lead generation and expert lead closers.

Since our CC’s are the first contact, their personality and temperament are extremely important. Our CC’s are the very best in the business — super talented and "stone-cold" effective.

Think About Your Customers

The prospective client reaches out to you, but you’re not around, the CC’s fill some of these gaps... they are especially valuable with initial new business leads. “Speed to Lead” is crucial for conversion. If you’re not by your phone or computer and the lead comes in, a non-response by you, leaves an impression... a major negative one, they will likely move on to the next available Agent. This is the biggest complaint in real estate… the dreaded non-response. Because you are doing so many things, the CC’s can help provide a backstop for you. The CC's will make a real difference in winning that business that you would have lost. 

TC’s: (Transaction Coordinators)

Our Transaction Coordinators are responsible for handling most of the tedious transaction details from the time an Agent receives a ratified Agreement of Sale to the Closing. All Sales deals with exception to Rentals (Landlord and Tenants) are handled by the TC. Experienced Agents know that the time-frame from contract to close is a short one. They're dozens of processes that must be completed to get a deal "to the table". The TC's "thread the needle" every time!

The major goal of the TC is to keep the Agent out in the field working... they focus on the urgent items that crop-up in every deal so that the Agent can continue to work on what's important. The TC enables Agents to focus on their core sales competencies which is generating leads, getting in front of more customers, and closing more deals.

TC’s Job Description:

  • Manages the deal from ratified contract to closing.

  • Collects the escrow deposits.  

  • Coordinates inspections (home inspection, termite, CCO etc.) and vendors for repairs.

  • Follow-up on mortgage commitments.

  • Handles title issues (title exceptions, judgments, and open liens).

  • Orders the deed.

  • Assists in drafting some pre-closing addendum's.

  • Hands over to our Agents a completed file enabling a confident walk into settlement.

  • Closes the completed transaction, generates the Agent commission statements.

The Best Form of Leverage

A key form of leverage that you must develop for business success is other people's knowledge. You must be able to tap into the brain power of the Broker, CC’s, and TC’s if you want to accomplish worthwhile goals. Successful people are not those who know everything needed to accomplish a particular task, but more often than not, they are people who know how to find the knowledge they need. Imagine having your very own "brain trust"... a group of people eager to help you, who know the best practices and are more than willing to share them with you!

The People Around You Can Make A Tremendous Difference 

In many cases, there are requests for further information and follow-up, these calls can be handled by the CC’s and TC’s. Their ability to handle these contacts effectively, to direct communications to the right people, and to act as the core person in a network of communications makes their role vital to the Company and our Agents. The CC’s and TC’s are a huge part of what makes Joe Wiessner Realty great! If you currently don’t have these types of business relationships — They’re Here! 

What Knowledge Do You Need?

What is the knowledge that you need to achieve your most important goals? Of the knowledge required, what knowledge must you have personally in order to control your situation, and what knowledge can you borrow, buy, or rent from others? Our firm has made a commitment to freely share knowledge, the very best ideas in real estate, so that you can “compress time” enabling for you to get to your goal faster without costly mistakes.

Build a Top Team 

Being a team player is no longer something that is optional. Today, it is mandatory. If you want to achieve anything of consequence, you will need the help and cooperation of lots of people. Your main objective is to structure everything you do in such a way that, because you are constantly cooperating and working well with others, they are continually open to helping you achieve your goals. Fortunately for our Agents, we have already filled in some of the Agent blind spots with top talent. Our Brokers CC’s and TC’s are already in place. Together, I know we can help build your successful real estate career. Contact Us Today!