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You Can't Ignore the Power of Facebook for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents have known for years that social media is an incredibly powerful platform for all types of sales - especially home sales. Realtors are inherently great at marketing houses, (taking pictures and videos, and writing property descriptions). Typically Realtors are not so great at marketing themselves! Facebook is a real "game changer" that provides the platform while the Agent provides the content.Social Media for real estate agents

The power is in the partnership. The intersection of your persona (your brand) and your content (the property) with an engaged audience (buyers and sellers) creates an electronic marketplace. Facebook can be set to target very specific audiences. That type of granularity can get Agents deeply in touch with real estate buyers and sellers in your local market. The perception of superior service is fueled by the frequency of successful sales activity demonstrated by your posted content. Facebook delivers the content with your branding attached, — making you stand out from the crowd of unadvertised and unbranded Agents. 

Digital Proof

Social media activity provides digital proof of successful sales activity. Reputation through repetition, over time, will build you into trusted local brand! The cost to advertise this way is an attractive alternative as compared to the more traditional approaches (postcards, newsletters, door knocking, and the dreaded cold calling). Facebook is all about relationships. Its a visual platform where like-minded people share with one another.

The platform is optimized by the ease of electronic delivery to ubiquitous Smart Phones. Real Estate is all about mind-share. If you do not win the battle of the mind, meaning "if you're not in the real estate conversation" from the beginning, your chance of securing a buyer or seller is exactly zero! Mind share (consumer awareness) is spread through posts (paid or unpaid) to an interested audience. At the option of the recipient, your pertinent content can be shared to their trusting friends, who in turn can share to other interested friends of friends! It's leverage by multiplication instead of addition. It's very powerful!

But how do you do it?

What is a Facebook lead? 

What are the necessary components to lead generate on Facebook?

How do you create a Facebook Ad?

How do Agents follow-up with social media ads?

On average how many Facebook leads do you need to generate?

Does your Broker have a clue on how to advise you?

facebook success system

Lead Generation the Joe Wiessner Way

How would you like to learn from a social media pioneer who knows the secrets to generating a huge amount of leads from Face book? Joe Wiessner Realty knows a thing or two about generating leads, they have been doing it for over 20 years. The truth is real estate trends come and go, but its obvious that social media is here to stay.

Here at Joe Wiessner Realty we recognized that and have taken the bold steps to be at the forefront of how to effectively lead generate with Facebook and Google Pay-Per-Click. No company in South Jersey knows more about these complex platforms.

No company can teach the nuances and best practices to help you avoid rookie mistakes. Think about the cost in time and money by "going it alone". Compress time - shorten the learning curve by working with the company that will revolutionize the way you generate leads.

Facebook lead generation machine

It Gets Even Better

Not only will we teach you how to do it, our Agents have the option of working together with our highly skilled Communications Coordinators (CC's) who are true experts at generating and qualifying Facebook leads. The CC’s help to reduce the lost opportunity cost due to the typical Agents not having a website, slow response time (speed to lead) and the lack of experience in generating Facebook leads.

Here at  Joe Wiessner Realty we have created a mutually beneficial structure where Agents and the Company work together to assist our Agents with Facebook lead creation, follow-up, nurture, and lead close.

We fill the lead follow-up gap by "working the lead" for the participating Agent. Ultimately over a series of scheduled follow-ups, our CC's deliver back to our Agents, at a much higher percentage, qualified buyers and sellers as compared to Agents who are less effective in sales and closing skills.

Does Your Current Broker Get the Power of Facebook?

Does your current Broker have a clue about social media lead generation? If the answer is no, then you owe it to yourself to join the company that will take the time to show you how and if you want, WORK WITH YOU to generate and follow-up with your leads!

Why Wait?

Contact Joe Wiessner Realty to learn more about Facebook lead generation, Google SEO, lead follow-up and everything we do to help grow your business.