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Real Estate Has Changed — Have You?

Change is brewing throughout the real estate industry, and those who are adapting to the new methods of doing business are prospering like never before. Todayʼs leading agents are utilizing proven business building strategies to not only take their careers to the next level, but to achieve the kind of lifestyle they have always desired.

Operate Independently, But With Support

As the industry changes, so does the role of the “traditional” real estate office. The benefits of working with a smaller well established independent firm is appealing to many Agents who feel smothered and suppressed by onerous rules, hefty franchise fees, lack of support, and general corporate "red tape".

At Joe Wiessner Realty we take a more active interest in the careers of our Agents, coaching Agents to greater productivity and helping them implement the proven techniques that allow Agents to excel. The result is a “best of both worlds” scenario for agents – they still operate independently but they receive a tremendous amount of support and guidance to make their business venture a success.

Working Harder is Not the Answer

Itʼs clear to me that the future of real estate lies in the hands of those forward-thinking professionals who are embracing digital media, social media, and database technology, enabling a systematic approach to doing business. Todayʼs top agents leverage themselves through systems that allow them to focus on the truly important aspects of their careers and avoid the burnout potential caused by typical day-to-day activities.

A Tremendous Opportunity

You no longer have to settle for incremental year-to-year gains and the ups and downs many agents endure. There is a better way, and would like to share my expertise in marketing.  Social media is here to stay. If your current real estate office is ineffective or simply does not know the techniques to electronically generate leads, your a destined to be left behind. I want to share Facebook and PPC strategies with you. I believe that the more agents that understand the power of of the new methods of marketing, the more it will benefit the Agents willing to learn and take the leap.

Real Estate training

Agent Evolution

...real estate is constantly evolving. Are you growing along with it? We have all heard the old adage “time is money.” It seems obvious that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. But why do some agents achieve so much more given the same time?

We often believe that in our careers, we are trading hours for money. But in real estate more than anywhere, time is our most precious resource. And most of it should be focused on the vital dollar productive activities.

Without a doubt, meeting as many clients face-to-face is the single most important duty of the agent. Most of the other business support activities can and should be delegated to others. Quite simply, it’s about leverage. By relocating your real estate career to Joe Wiessner Realty we can show you why being a “Jack of All Trades” probably isn’t the best approach.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Success isn’t about having more time or working harder. It’s about getting more from the time you have. The way to do that is to change the way you think about your time and set up systems that allow you to maximize it. You’ll find our proven, revolutionary marketing model and associated business support systems can get you there faster.

Our innovations are reshaping the future of real estate. By working together, we can make a significant difference and break the cycle of the past. If you’re interested in compressing the amount of time it takes to reach your full potential and a balanced lifestyle is an appealing thought, reach out to us today. There’s no time like the present to make a change. Discover the mega-agent in you.



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We’re looking for agents, experienced and rookies, to join the team who are as excited as we are to help build the top independent real estate company in South Jersey.



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Are You Ready to Think Differently about your Real Estate Career? Interested in taking your career to the next level of success? Get started today and see how a different approach can take your career to new heights. A new era in real estate is here. We can help you reach your full potential and make the most of the entrepreneur in you.