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Women Real Estate Warriors

Real Estate is one of the best careers for women who want some control over work and family schedules. Realtors are Independent Contractors — you set the number of hours to invest in your real estate business. It's great for women who dream of being able to make an impact on their communities while at the same time providing for their families and financial future.

While many careers force women to choose between working in a caring capacity and creating a solid financial future, real estate is broad enough that you can find roles encompassing both goals. Plus, in real estate you can be your own boss.

Some Interesting Facts

  • 66 percent of all REALTORS® are female.
  • The median age of Women REALTORS® has steadily increased in recent years from 51 years of age to 54.
  • The majority of members are women with a college education.
  • REALTORS® frequently have had careers in other fields prior to real estate.
  • The most common pre-real estate careers are in management, business, and financial professions, followed by sales and retail.
  • Among part-time sales agents, 68 percent are female, while 64 percent of full-time sales agents are female.
  • 13 percent of women in residential real estate worked 60 hours or more in 2017.
  • 35 percent worked between 20 to 39 hours
  • 9 percent made $200,000 or more in annual gross income.
  • Women in residential real estate have a median of 8 residential transactions.
  • Women have a median sales transaction volume of $1,866,700.


One of the main drivers of high satisfaction with their careers is the flexibility of schedule. The ability to "Be Your Own Boss" is very freeing as compared to typical corporate structures. More than anything its the freedom of choice, the freedom to balance family, career, and community, and the freedom to earn to your hearts content! Being able to "Call Your Own Shots" is a very powerful concept and has universal appeal.

Earn what your worth

If you’re already in real estate it can become easy to let your schedule be overtaken by urgent demands of clients and ongoing work. Understanding and recognizing the difference between urgent and important is key. Sometimes Agents get caught in the day to day of "putting out fires" when some of these tasks can be delegated to others so that you can focus on the "important' in your business. Important would include building systems for your database, lead generation, and lead follow-up — just to name a few.

Personal Growth Targets

Working for yourself means you set and meet your own targets. You're an independent contractor, there's no salaried limitations. You can work as much as you want, or focus on other priorities in your life. For women looking to set personal, community and professional goals, real estate allows you to tailor your work experience toward meeting those goals.

One tough mutha

If your goal is to hit a certain financial mark, you can push yourself toward that. If your goal is to spend less time at work and more time with family over summer holidays, you can adjust your goals accordingly.

Your potential in all areas of your life is wide open when you pursue a career in real estate. Instead of limiting your focus to one segment, real estate’s fluidity allows you to respond to what you’re passionate about right now.

A Continual Path of Learning

Some of the best careers for women are ones that allow them the opportunity to constantly learn new skills and advance their knowledge base. Real estate has learning built into the career — you’re required to constantly be educating yourself.

This is great for women with big goals because it means each year you get the chance to learn about a different aspect of the business and continue to hone your skills. If you want a career that will force you to stay on your toes and push forward — it’s real estate.

Keep your independence

Get Paid What You're Worth

Real estate is one of those careers where you get out of it what you put in. Women with a strong work ethic will benefit from this aspect of real estate and be able to shape their real estate career to make it work for their goals. Here at Joe Wiessner Realty we have several women Agents making "6 figures", and some making significantly more "in their pocket" than the baseline "6 figures".

Have financial goals in your mind that you’re pursuing? Real estate just might be the right place where you can make them happen. remember, Opportunity is Everywhere!

Our Goal is to Empower Women

Define your goals, write them down, share them with us, we'll help to get you there.

Declare Your Independence!

Break free of the rat race of corporate America. Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself — take control of your life.

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