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At Joe Wiessner Realty, the world's most talented agents, support staff, broker trainers, and lead generators are here shaping the future of real estate.


Open Real Estate Positions


We’re looking for agents, experienced and rookies, to join the team who are as excited as we are to help build the top independent real estate company in South Jersey.



Perks and Benefits


Build the brand called you

Over the past 20 years we have built an independent brand that we're very proud of. A common misconception among agents is who's the focus of promotion, the company or the agent? As much as we love the company, it is our firm belief that the agent's should work to build their own distinct brand identities under the company umbrella. The reality of real estate is the buyers and sellers follow the agent and to a much lesser extent, the company. We know a thing or two about agent brand building.

JWR Agent Branding

In business for yourself...

but not by yourself. The bar to entry for real estate is pretty easy, that's one of the driving forces to why many get started, plus the potential to make huge sums of money is also exciting. What's important is who you associate with —it does make a difference. We love helping our agents. We are human and honest, we all mistakes, especially in the beginning. At JWR, we take a genuine interest in helping our agents grow both professionally and personally.

Cutting edge tech

We believe that speed and efficiency is vital to our agents success. Your clients expect it, all the supporting vendors demand it, and it is true, time is money. That's why our remote access capabilities are so powerful. Work from anywhere with an internet connection and from multiple devices — all synced together in real time. Joe Wiessner Realty provides the technology platform for agents to thrive, we value performance and productivity.

JWR Remote Access

We value our people

We're serious about sharing and success at Joe Wiessner Realty. The very best ideas in real estate are exchanged everyday. There is tremendous cooperation between our agents and support staff. Everyone has a stake in each others success. Agents are compensated based on a lucrative — merit based sliding scale according to production. The support staff provides excellent daily guidance, it's like having your own personal assistant, but at a fraction of the cost.

Top notch representation

We take our client fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. We are fair, but tough negotiators. Our value is in providing the very best information to our buyers and sellers so that they can make informed decisions which result in the very best outcome for them. Real estate is complicated. We strive to simplify the complex. When emotions run high, we are the support rock for our clients. We know we're in charge of one of the biggest financial transactions of their lives.

Real Estate Career

Be a part of something greater

We're leaders in our field, but we're selfless in our work together. One of the benefits of having amazing coworkers is the camaraderie — enjoying one another's company. If you're not having fun doing it, it's not worth doing. Joe Wiessner Realty believes that we live in an abundant world and that there's opportunity everywhere. We work closely together connecting with new people in pursuit of the mission to continually raise the standards of real estate.

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